Monday, December 7, 2009

yay, its snowing!

I thought global warming had the best of us and took away our snow … but not anymore! I’m happy that its snowing, because it’s weird to be a Canadian and not see snow (well, cold for that matter) for the majority of the year!

I for one hate rain and everything that comes with it. Rain makes you dread going outside, at least its not the same feeling with snow! You would always have to carry an umbrella and question whether you would have to buy a new one at the end of the day. Radio stations suddenly start obsessing with the song ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna. Rain means pedestrians become a target for splashing, I swear, i feel that cars intentionally drive closer to large lake- like puddles just for the fun of it.Rain means that public transit is packed with soaking wet people (because cyclists like me don’t wanna be splashed (or hit for that matter). Rain means not being able to sneak into a lecture without people noticing you. Rain just means problems (for those in the city).

I’m psyched that its snowing (but sad that I cannot bike so often), because now i can re-live my childhood by making a snow… thing! We use to live in an apartment, and I felt funny (an immature) if i went outside to build stuff with snow. Now, i can build stuff in the comfort of my backyard (please, no gawkers invited!).

For some weird reason (i think its a genetic defect), i actually like shovelling snow! I think its fun and relaxing, its a workout, and when im done, i look like Sid from Ice Age, popsicles coming out of my nostrils and all! I use to shovel snow for my neighbours, but my mom usually yells at me after i reach my next door neighbours’ neighbour door. Seriously, i wanna have a mini shovelling business for the neighbourhood and charge people based on their laziness and ability (ie seniors get huge discounts, lazy bum watching TV will have to pay a high premium!). I think i wanna pursue such venture because (a) i have no money because of university, (b) it would mean people don’t have to venture outside to shovel, (c ) people wouldn’t slip and fall, and (d) i can lose weight from all the holiday goodies (and stress eating from exams). Everyone wins! Plus, i wanna make a cool flyer.

And if anyone is interested in someone to shovel them snow in downtown Toronto, pls comment on details! and BYOS (buy your own salt) because i for one an NOT lugging around KGs of salt, plus, i already feel too much sodium overload from the food!

Btw, Joan, if you’re reading this, the snowman contest is on (on condition that there is enough snow on the ground)!

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