Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hi All. I was (and still am) the blogger @ but mutually agreed with myself that i would put that in the back burner until stuff gets cleared out.

I decided to create this blog to speak my mind, hopefully my thoughts would entertain you, even make you LOL. And if not, at least it would make you think or at least feel better about your life. I’ll write about anything that i actually have sufficient knowledge of (too bad its limited to entertainment gossip and business), but I will expand my knowledge in something (btw i need new pants from stress eating and exams). I named the blog ‘stuck in between delusion and reality…’ because that where my brain is from school, the world news, my problems etc…

Anyways, a brief introduction: my name is Connie and i am a university student. By the time i get out of school, i would be responsible for taking your money and profits in exchange for analysing a few key numbers and questioning your competence as a business person.

I haven’t been properly socialized into the world, which would explain why i have so little friends, why i can’t properly speak in public, why i love the TV so much and why i am still single. I get a decent amount support from home. My dad is basically Cotton from King of the Hill minus the war stories. I think my mom is the greatest mom in the universe except for the fact that she tries to play matchmaker (for example, the fat lady from Disney’s Mulan). She and my aunt tried to hook me up with my cousins single friends while i was in Vancouver (which I refused because all his friends are in the freaky mid-life crisis age). She also tried to hook up some of her coworkers daughters and sons. Its only been 1 month and she failed twice. I still thinks she’s the greatest person on earth … minus that aspect of her. I told my mom that if al else fails, i would be a single career driven lady with tons of dogs (because cats have claws and sometimes act arrogantly). Then i played the BeyoncĂ© song just to make a point. Its funny, my mom’s English is bad, but she’s able to say the word ‘single lady’ … i think that’s how she describes me to her coworkers.

I have a few friends but they are the greatest friends a messed up person like me can have. I would write their names out, but afraid that they would de-friend me from Facebook.

I wish i had a pet dog, preferably a corgi, so i would at least have a friend who’s willing to go anywhere with me, no matter how boring, no questioned asked.

I think that’s pretty much it i in terms of what i wanna disclose. If you actually read through this, thanks for having an interest and stay tuned.

I’m gonna study for my exams … and then blog again!

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