Monday, January 31, 2011

Neighbours, you’ll learn to love them (eventually)…

It’s always good to have a friendly and helpful neighbour. I think my neighbour is the greatest because he’s basically a jack-of-all trades and he tells interesting stories about life before retirement.

Sadly, when you buy a house, they always state that the house is “as is” condition. I always thought that meaning “unless the house can be physically moved elsewhere, you are stuck in this position as is … too bad, so sad, get use to it because you can’t afford any better!”. I think its funny when you see a house in your neighbourhood that just got off the market, and a few months later it goes back in … Haha, can I blame the neighbours on this one?

Television also depicts the “neighbour” in a variety of ways. There’s Wilson from Home Improvement that gave helpful advise to Tim, but you’d only see his bucket hat and his eyes. Homer (Simpson) was watching Home Improvement where Tim ran down Wilson with a lawnmower!

Speaking of The Simpsons, Homer (and family) always has reliable Ned Flanders, the number 1 teachers pet of the man upstairs, to “borrow” stuff from and totally take advantage of. By the way, why does Flanders has a beer gut with his sweater on, but has a six pack sans sweater? That just doesn’t make sense. My favourite quote from Flanders is when the Simpsons went skiing and Homer came across Flanders and his fairly revealing ski suit. And the only time Homer need his brain to tell him what to do when rapidly accelerating down the slopes, all he can picture is Ned, shaking what his mother gave him, saying “It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, NOTHING AT ALL!”

And there are neighbours with all their dirty laundry (figuratively, not literally). Look no further than the suburbia of Wisteria Lane, where secrets and neighbours are never a good mix (unlike their booze cabinets). Seriously, the show is like a soap opera but funny and less people enjoying themselves. All the housewives on the show are usually miserable (Gabby wants monetary goods and Carlos at the same time, Lynette had too many curve balls thrown at her, Bree lost her lover, her company and her husband, Susan …well …. is just Susan). FYI, I didn’t catch up to this season’s episode, so bear/bare (???) with me if the info is outdated.

I can go on, but I can’t. My brain is going “type, type, type”, but my eyes are slowly closing shut like my garage door!

Tone in next time when I try to over analyze Tiger Mom and asians depicted in the media! And FYI, my mom is NOT a 100% Tiger Mom … she did not force me to play piano or violin … I played trombone voluntarily and it drove her nuts!

Tomorrow’s another day!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting sign of the month…

Hello blog world! It’s been a long while (approximately 1 year and 1 month). Life’s been busy with having a job, but sadly, no social life to counter-balance. And, having to stare at a computer after work after staring at it during work does not sound so appealing, especially since my eye sight have gone blurry from working. But, I made a promise to my dear friend Joan @ Kukukawaii that I would eventually re-boot my blog when she starts (Joan is going to pursue something she enjoys, which sadly does not involve prospectuses or circulars).

So I have some catching up to do as she already made 2 entries. And since technology made it possible for you to blog without the need to sit in front of a computer at anywhere, anytime, this may be the best time to add “express yourself” on my new years resolution (along with losing weight, having a life, and getting rid of debt).

Here is a picture that I thought is interesting and sad:


The first thought in my mind was LOL, someone either had a Sharpie in their pocket and when there was no soap, they decided to write a note OR someone was annoyed that there was no soap, went back to the office, got a pen and came back to write the note, hoping that this would incriminate (maybe encourage is a better word) the caretakers. I hope it was the 1st option because the latter would mean germs everywhere (like we need more people sick)!

My second thought is that they had to CAPITALIZE the word “SOAP”. The note would do as good if “soap” was not capitalized. This note sounds sketchy on so many levels: i.e. did the cleaner caretaker put something else in lieu of soap? ARGH, I use that soap dispenser!!! (note to self, bring own soap from now on).

That note in turn probably gave more work for the caretaker because he/she probably had to their gloves off to remove the tape and ending up cleaning the mirror because of the leftover tape residue and the fingerprints it took to put them there.

Well, its time to turn in, and dream about new, exciting things to blog about. Most like its gonna be a nightmare abut work.

Goodnight blog world!