Friday, December 4, 2009

one of my many pet peeves …

This morning @ 7:59 am, my home phone rings. Since it is exam time, i usually sleep a few extra hours, hoping that the extra sleep now can cancel out the sleep i missed since school started (too bad it’s highly unlikely). But anyways, my mom usually gets to work at around 8am so i thought it was an emergency, turns out, it was one of her friends she haven’t talked to in a whole, wondering if we were interested in buying a used Metropass for December.

Is this really that important that you have to call me this early? Is this a life and death situation that can be solved with one phone call. I don’t understand why you couldn’t what an extra hour or so to call!

The problem is even though you tell people ‘hey, it’s kinda early, and everyone WAS asleep before you called, you mind holding your stories?’ My mom now has a friend who calls like clockwork at 8:30 am on a Saturday and Sunday! And what does she talk about this early in the morning? Her work life and the (lack of) social life. Unfortunately, she’s less of a listener and more of a talker.

I mean there are other options to block out the ringer, but in the case of an actual emergency in the middle of the night, that phone call is crucial.

So for all the people in the world who like to call early in the morning just for a ‘meaningful’ conversation, please withhold your comments until later in the day. Better yet, email or text them (hopefully they wouldn’t have those awful ringtones on their cells) that way, at least you’ve considered all options.

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