Sunday, February 6, 2011

Throg statue Part 1

I was looking forward to watching the Superbowl today, not because of the game, but for the half time show and the commercials (maybe one day when I get MUCH older, I would understand the game more).

I really wanted to watch the Captain America and Thor trailer because frankly, watching it on a same 12.1” laptop is not as great as it versus the TV. 

This weekend, I picked up a few comics and came across Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers and the cover had Puddlegulp/Throg.

Making sculptures is fun, however, I don’t think I’m at that level to sculpt people (trust me, I tried) so in anticipation for the superhero movies, I decided to make a Throg. Tried looking on google and ebay for “sample” Throgs, but there wasn’t anything interesting. I did find a link where the creator sculpted a cool Throg hanging on a column like Spiderman, however, I can’t find my way back to that link.

Here's my attempt on making a Throg statue.

Drew a picture I saw on the comic:


Made an armature (skeleton) and started to cover with polymer clay (Super Sculpy in this case):


Couldn’t make him stand (especially when the Mjolnir is melting) so made a stand so It looks like he’s taking it from the rubbles (like in the trailer sans Throg):


Throg’s face:


Stuffed him in the oven for maybe an 1.5 +hrs an painted with acrylic:


A brighter version:


Now that I already saw the trailers and that the game ended (yay Packers!) didn’t have the eye sight to watch Glee, so the finishing touches will be done tomorrow.

Stay tuned (hopefully I wouldn’t lose interest and blog about something else)!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Covered in a white blanket of winter ...

The whole city was covered in white on this cold Groundhog Day. Our little furry meteorologists from both the Atlantic coast and in good ol' province of Ontario predicted that we would have an early spring (thankfully they didn't tell us this last night or all their credibility could have went down the drain).

We were suppose to expect about 30 cms of snow, however it looks more like close to half. I think the gusting wind took it over to Lake Ontario so we don't complain as much. Every year it seems like people forgot how to drive when snow magically appears. Drivers forget to yield to the various road signs, stop in the middle of an intersection when the red light hits. Some even drive REALLY slowly as if a fairy godmother sprinkled her magic fairy dust across Toronto, and instead of getting pumpkin coaches, we get a bunch of grannies.

It's home time in Toronto and it looks like a mess, not because the city didn't clear the upset of old man winter (an estimated 5 million dollars as per today's Metro) but sadly, snow doesn't stay so white and pure when everything and anything is mushing into it.

Well, tomorrow's another day. And for those celebrating the year of the rabbit, happy new year! Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for the new year! Holler to the rabbits! This year is our year to shine!

(new years post to follow)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How TV pretty much took over my life (and then some) part use

I know I was suppose to talk about Tiger Moms, but I think there's still time to talk about that after all the hype is gone.

It's a Tuesday night, and I'm at home, watching Law & Order SVU. My dog, an American Eskimo, is running around the house like a madman frantically hiding from the big sharks. 6 hours from now, our busy city is gonna be even more busier with 30 cm of snow over it. Too bad there's no such thing as a snow day in the working world.

I didn't have a lot of friends when I was a kid. I was (and still am) an only child with a TV who taught me everything about the outside world. For example, Sesame Street taught me my ABCs in American (I only know my Zees and not my Zeds). I am still cringe when I see the chattering teeth on their old episodes (my mom still taunts me about it). Thankfully, the DQ mascot is only a pair of lips.

TV also taught me not to trust anyone as people always had their hidden agendas to deal with. Especially if the person is too good to be true, they are the most devious of them all.

And the coolest thing of all, cartoon characters never die no matter the cause of injury. Homer fell into the Grand Canyon, hitting each and every jagged edge, and all he had were scratches. Wouldn't life be great if you had the near immorality of Homer Simpson? Do anything you want and only come out of the situation with only some bruise and scratches! I think the world would be full of only stunt people, doctors and insurance adjusters.

Gonna continue to watch SVU which taught me that everyone is innocent until proven guilty (especially when there is insufficient evidence or if evidence has been tampered with).

"I've trusted you for years. What's that got me!"

Tata for now!

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