Thursday, December 3, 2009

why profs, why?

Aside from the title, I’ve been having a crap day except for 5 hours when i was hanging out with my friend (where we browsed at food and window shopped). I’d say stuff about my day for therapeutic purposes, but i’d probably leave this until this stuff calms down with all the possible legal implications and such. What great fun for a university student with less than 1 week before exams.

Anyways, exams brought me back to the subject. Is it just me, or is it that there higher the university level you are, the more stuck up the profs are?

I remember in 1st year, profs usually introduced themselves for like 10 minutes max and started class, after that you’d never heard about their personal life ever again. Now being in 4th year, seems like the profs spend most of the time talking bout how successful they are, somewhat rubbing it in. But seriously, reflecting back to my notes, all the key points hat actually got embedded in my head were those dumb facts about the prof that would definitely not help me during the exam unless at the end of the exam, i can congratulated them for whatever achievement they talked about in class for bonus marks.

For example, one prof said talked about their expensive car, Lululemon, their published work and why they will not be able to answer emails (like they ever does) because they will be travelling. Another constantly talks about their son, raking leaves, how the Leafs are the greatest, and for some reason how Ryerson is much better than UofT. Seriously, if these were points, I’d ace the exam because my brain is usually full of useless information.

Anyways, what if they were high on themselves and everything they said was an exaggeration? It would be like Kowalski from The Penguins of Madagascar (yes i watch Nickelodeon but to defend myself i watch it online), he said, ‘Everything I learned is a LIE!’ which i believe in so dearly because i believe everything i learn is probably exaggerated or obsolete when i need it.

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