Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the media cannot stand a man-on-man kiss?

Last Friday, instead of talking about work in our group meeting, we managed to wander into entertainment gossip. What was the topic of the day? Adam Lambert’s performance at the American Music Awards.

Seriously, what is wrong with a kiss? Seriously! I think that kiss was blocked or censored from the network. What that really necessary? I mean, a lot more stuff happened far worse than that, and i for one didn’t really think that it was a big deal.

I think the most ‘extreme’ thing that has happened on tv was that Comcast incident during the Super Bowl where somehow, someone broadcasted porn during a break. Im in Canada, but i wonder if they did get a refund for that. Here’s link in regards to that:

Like seriously (damn it, I blame Grey’s Anatomy for embedding the word ‘seriously’ in my brain) i would be thankful if i had those clunky TVs if i was watching it, i don’t think it would be pleasant watching that on a big screen HD tv (especially when its eating time).

But back to the kiss. Was there any precedence with a same sex kiss? Well, i think Will and Grace did it (when Jack wanted a gay kiss on national tv, Will kissed him in when Jack was talking to Al Roker)  … and Friends (when Chandler wanted someone to kiss him on new years, Joey did the honours!). And now, they have the ‘Kish’ storyline on OLTL (and what kind of demographics are watching that?). Anyways, people have been bombarded with way worse with advertisements and cable tv. The youths today probably seen much worse than the youths of yesteryear.

Is it a gender thing? Girl on girl kiss seemed like it was always encouraged (like in Friends where Chandler and Joey were willing to give the apartment back to Rachel and Monica if they kissed). Or how about the Madonna and Britney kiss? Too bad the Christina and Madonna kiss didn’t catch on. But still! People should embrace the fact that since it happened once, its bound to happen again. So in conclusion, accept change damn it, because without change, there would be no evolution and life would suck indefinitely!

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