Wednesday, December 2, 2009

flu season and germs alike

A few weeks ago Monday, I had a minor fever and a nose that resembled Niagara Falls. I had no other symptoms.

As paranoid as my mom would be, she’d thought i caught the swine flu (or H1N1) and advised me that I should go to the doctors. I went to my family doctor.

The last time I’ve been there was a few months ago in June while working as a summer student at a bank. At that time I had the chills, congestion, high fever, tried as hell … basically the whole nine yards to be exact. Went into the doctors, told me that i was a young adult and would fight through this fine. Gave me a prescription but said that I didn’t need them, Tylenol is good enough. Suffered 3 days, felt like a furnace.

This time i went to the doctor, he told me that I had pneumonia (i had it when i was young) and said that my left lung sounds horrible. Asked him if i’d have swine flu, he said that i wouldn’t be stilling in front of him without vomiting a storm. Gave me a prescription for antibiotics. My mom thought that my doctor was getting old and told me to get some herbal medicine instead.

In a panic myself, I decided to use the university’s doctors for reassurance. Booked an appointment for Friday morning.  Had a group project right after that. Really friendly staff at the health centre. The nurse took my temperature and said i was normal. went in to see the doctor, she checked my out and said I’d probably just got a virus and its completely gone. Yay!

Went to meet my group at the library in a study room (school forked over a lot of mula to make the library nice). Anyways, the room was able to fit probably 6 people max with a conference table. 2 actual walls, 2 glass walls, a door, no windows or fresh air. There was 5 of us, one of our group members were missing and we’d haven’t heard from her via email or anything. Our last group member shows up coughing up who knows what and says, ‘guys, i think i have the flu’. She sat down at basically the ‘head’ of the table, while all of use started to shift over to the far side of the glass wall, personal space violated indefinitely  . For the 1st few minutes, we basically complained saying that ‘you should have stayed home’ ‘you should see a doctor’. But, she decided to stay just to split work and such, but man, that hour felt brutal.

Anyways, the hour has passed and out most productive team member had to go, so we called it a day as well. Before the sick one left, she started to ask us what the procedures are to go to the hospital .. yes, that’s what we really wanna hear after being isolated in a room filled with your germs. When she left, we were kinda afraid of the door knob, so one of the our brave group members decided to use her foot, which locked us in temporarily, but none the less we escaped. It was funny that we scrambled to look for a hand sanitizer dispenser. Hilarity! Long story short, none of my healthy group members got sick, but i haven’t seen the last one since.

And if you are out there reading this, i apologize for the actions me and the group may have caused, and would like to have a beer with you to drown away the troubles (given that you’re allowed to drink alcohol and given that your not sick).

But its weird that this flu season, everyone’s taking precautions. What’s different though? My closest friends are nurses (which is good because at least they’d know what to do when something goes wrong, i think my other friends would just calculate how much taxes i owe to the government before i croak) and they say that every year people die from the flu. All i know is that the hand sanitizer companies are make tons of profits from people like us freaking out of the flu. I’m not entirely freaking out about the possibility of contacting those buggers, I just don’t wanna be hopped up on medicine while writing those exams. I think i’d probably be too happy with the medicine and forgot that i was writing an exam.

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