Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Covered in a white blanket of winter ...

The whole city was covered in white on this cold Groundhog Day. Our little furry meteorologists from both the Atlantic coast and in good ol' province of Ontario predicted that we would have an early spring (thankfully they didn't tell us this last night or all their credibility could have went down the drain).

We were suppose to expect about 30 cms of snow, however it looks more like close to half. I think the gusting wind took it over to Lake Ontario so we don't complain as much. Every year it seems like people forgot how to drive when snow magically appears. Drivers forget to yield to the various road signs, stop in the middle of an intersection when the red light hits. Some even drive REALLY slowly as if a fairy godmother sprinkled her magic fairy dust across Toronto, and instead of getting pumpkin coaches, we get a bunch of grannies.

It's home time in Toronto and it looks like a mess, not because the city didn't clear the upset of old man winter (an estimated 5 million dollars as per today's Metro) but sadly, snow doesn't stay so white and pure when everything and anything is mushing into it.

Well, tomorrow's another day. And for those celebrating the year of the rabbit, happy new year! Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for the new year! Holler to the rabbits! This year is our year to shine!

(new years post to follow)

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